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McDonald's and Wendy's discovered a long time ago to let the customers make their own drinks. The time has come for shaved ice customers to dispense syrup on their shaved ice snow balls. There are mobile trucks and special events that allow customers to apply their own syrup. The special event vendors claim they are using the same amount of syrup. Some customers use more syrup and some less. A twelve ounce snow ball requires 4 ounces of syrup. A twelve ounce will only hold 5 ounces of syrup before the syrup goes over the side of the cup. This ounce of syrup will cost you 3¢ extra, but you can serve twice as many snow balls in the same amount of time with half the labor cost. Tanks and other remote syrup dispensing systems are available from Southern Snow®. Be sure to specify self-closing spigots so that someone cannot leave the syrup spigot open. Check possible health department regulations in your area.

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